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Private: Little Remix
Autumn/Winter 2015/16
Collection Statement

The Little Remix Fall | Winter 2015 collection is a tribute to Sergio Corbucci’s cult Western picture, “Django”, with its harshness broken down by calm glances of the prairie. It embodies the life of a cowboy: from independent and free spirited horseback riding in the prairie, to the devil-may- care attitude when entering a saloon in a Wild West town. …

Brand Profile

In 2007 Charlotte Eskildsen created Little Remix, a platform for playful provocation in a line of casual, cool looks with a clear link to the Designer Remix main line. Charlotte Eskildsen be came a mother herself in 2006. Her first daugh- ter Smilla is the model in all the Little Remix campaigns.
The core of the collections holds personal styles and qualities important to Charlotte; thin cash- mere knits, toned down colour scale and cool prints.
Little Remix is designed for girls from age 4-16, who are destined to be street savvy little fashionistas.


brand & press contact
Jakob Gjørtsvang Lauridsen
Head of PR

Designers Remix
Pildestraede 8
1112 Copenhagen

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