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Gioseppo Kids
AW 2020/21
Collection Statement

In this collection you’ll find the latest trends and fashion: chunky soles on boots and sneakers, casual hiking-style designs with detailing on laces, hooks and soles, dressier options for very special occasions, popular sock-style sneakers and the most daring models that are bang on trend: bovver and biker boots.

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Brand Profile

Today’s Gioseppo is the result of 26 years of work, effort, dreams and enthusiasm. Gioseppo is my home, my family and the place where a great team works every day, determined to achieve more, to grow, innovate and to give our customers the best we can offer. Gioseppo is an attitude towards life that we have treasured from day one, and our passion is the secret to keep moving toward the future. 

Officially, it all began one day in 1991. Although we are not completely certain, we like to imagine that it was a sunny day when, as strange as it may seem, nothing bad happened anywhere.

Unoffcially, Gioseppo began earlier as an idea in José Navarro’s mind. After working in the footwear industry for years, he decided to create a brand for everyone. The Gioseppo that exists today is the evolution of that initial idea: A Mediterranean brand, because we live by the sea. A brand in which we value the things that are done as a team because they are more fun this way. A brand that makes life more colourful. Gioseppo is a lifestyle that we can summarise in four words: Have a nice day!


brand contact
Italy and Europe:
Stefano Gasparini

Ada Hajdini

press contact
Laura Manfrin
+ 39 049 9403402

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