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Private: Barn of Monkeys
SS 2018
Collection Statement

Here at the barn, we are moved by the drive of discovering new things. We struggle to reach for the impossible and to find who else shares our hunger for the unreachable! Demand the Impossible is a throwback from one of Jules Verne’s most celebrated novels…

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Brand Profile

Barn of Monkeys is a Portuguese brand with solid social and cultural values, thought for children and teenagers with ages between 2 and 16, with a promise to last a lifetime. Our team is composed by skilled professionals that have been working with world- renowned fashion brands for 15 years and then decided to create a brand so unique that would speak the language of the new generation while engaging the parents as well.

The production is exclusively made in Portugal, with a strong investment in quality in order to please a target audience with medium-high purchasing power and sell online, to retailers and department stores all over the world. Here at Barn of Monkeys, we give the utmost importance to quality and excellence, artistry and eco-responsibility. For that reason, we assure that every garment displays a unique design and exclusive print and is produced with the ultimate sustainable techniques, reducing the harm caused on the environment.



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