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Private: 4funkyflavours
AW 2018/19
Collection Statement

The collection is divided into four diverse and wonderful cities –Paris, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Venice – and aims to colour the streets of every city with a sense of adventure, inspiring patterns and bright colours. Feel the love that arises over the Eiffel Tower in Paris, join into the carnival spirit in Venice while enjoying the scenery from the waterways, dance …

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Private: 4funkyflavours
AW 2019/20
SS 2019
AW 2018/19
SS 2018
Brand Profile

4funkyflavours’ story is about individualities that dare to be authentic. Our main inspiration is children, their unique personality traits and preferences that make them a unique person with an individual identity and taste. We try to translate this into colourful, exciting and surprising collections with bright and exclusive prints. Our goal is to encourage you to go on an adventure, explore the world and colour the streets!


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Amanda Sleze

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Michael Schakenraad

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