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Misses and Misters Kids Co. – Frankfurt

Misses and Misters Kids Co.

Misses and Misters Kids Co. was not one of our discoveries but a lot of our readers suggested it as an online refuge for parents who love design both for them and their children.
The online boutique features a hand-picked selection of international high-fashion brands for kids mixed with some national newcomer labels… Playful clothes with a cool touch, from minimalistic to bohemian.
Founded by Thuy Nguyen-Daxenbichler after she gave birth to her daughter, the idea to set up a place for cool kids grew up and went live in early 2014.
Thuy was born in Vietnam and came to Germany when she was two, after she fled her country by boat together with the family.
She combines the Asian influence with European culture and the result is a love for colorful patterns with a functional straightness.
Today Misses and Misters Kids Co. shows up in a warm and strong identity!

1. Which brands did you feature from the beginning and which have you recently added?
From the beginning I sold Bangbang Copenhagen, Louise Misha and Beau Loves and I still have them in the shop because to me these labels are very special. Bangbang Copenhagen really rocks it every season with their playful collections. And Louise Misha… well that was love at first sight! As a mother of a little girl it was a MUST to have them in the shop. Their fabrics and their love for details are absolutely adorable. But I also do like the minimalistic and cool style of Beau Loves.
Recently I’ve added Diapers and Milk to our range. I must admit I have a crush on that French Style. 

2. Do you have a hint for parents when shopping for their kids?
Shop online! It’s the most comfortable way to shop for your kids. Because we all know how exhausting it can be for them and for yourself to go shopping. Or leave your children at home and support some local kids stores and buy at a small business. 

3. You are based near Frankfurt. What’s the best place for kids there?
The best place for kids of all ages is the Frankfurt Zoo. There’s so much to discover! I don’t even know how often I’ve been there. And during summer you just can’t go wrong with the river Main. There are a lot of spots where you have a beautiful view on the Frankfurt skyline. You should go for a boat trip and have a traditional Bratwurst at one of the boat restaurants. It’s so much fun!

4. Your favorite restaurant?
Definitely Moriki. They have the best sushi in town!

5. What was your favorite toy when you were a child?
I think I really played a lot with my Barbies. I remember cutting their hair pretending I was a hair stylist. I’m so happy my parents kept them because now my daughter is playing with them.

6. Do you remember on especial item you had been wearing almost day and night?
I can’t really remember one special item. As my mother is a seamstress my older sister and me were mostly dressed up like twins. She used to sew the same dresses for us. But actually there is one dress I remember. I used to dance ballet when I was a child and for my first solo I had to wear a red tutu and I remember wearing it as often as I could. I felt like a great ballerina!

7. There are so many influential people in the fashion scene? Who’s your personal fashion icon?
I love the “undone” look of Caroline de Maigret. She embodies the French chic which is never too sexy, kind of discreet. She always looks natural and never like she’s trying to. It’s like she doesn’t have to follow trends, her style is so timeless. A bit like an anti it-girl.

8. Kids and Internet… what do you think about it?
Only under parental control and with a time limit! The internet can even be helpful for the older kids. It’s good to teach them how to use Google and how to get useful information from the world wide web. Because yes, we don’t always have an answer to their questions.

9. What’s your favorite website? And could you share with us three Instagram accounts you are following?
I don’t have one favorite website in particular but The Lyst might be one website I often go to. I think their fashion edits are very inspiring and always on point. As for my favorite instagram accounts I chose lilliesandleon, leia SFEZ and Apphia. Three charismatic women with a great sense of style!

10. Please complete this sentence: One should teach children to…
… be brave and go for their dreams!

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POSTED BY enrico
January 11, 2017