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2018 Vol. 46


Warm summer sun,

Shine kindly here,

Warm southern wind,

Blow softly here.

From the poem Sun by Mark Twain

Welcome to Volume 46, Spring/Summer 2018
Enjoy creativity!

On the essay pages Michael Kröger & Heiki Schulz explore the term “Creativity” a little deeper.


Photographers & Illustrators
Paolo Barbi, Martin Fengel, Hugh Findletar, Achim Lippoth, Mike Meiré

Contributing Editors
Jennifer Irizarry, Michael Kröger, Heiko Schulz

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2018 Vol. 46 Features

ikks & Achim Lippoth

Achim Lippoth – Concrete Jungle

Hugh Findletar

Mike Meiré – Ultra Violet

Achim Lippoth 

Kröger & Schulz – Creativity

Armani Junior Special

Il Gufo Special

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