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Tia Cibani

NAME: Tia Cibani
BORN IN: Tripoli, Libya
YOU ARE WORKING AS: Fashion Designer
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A 1 or 2 SENTENCES: I am a working mother that cherishes family life but also treasures the balance of also maintaining a sense of self.
My family and my work are my two most important pieces of my life’s puzzle. 

Born in North Africa and raised in Canada, Tia Cibani lived and worked for extensive periods in China.
In 2004 she came to New York to relaunch the fashion label Ports 1961, as Creative Director.
During the 2012 edition of New York Fashion Week, Tia introduced her namesake brand and was quickly named a NEW DESIGNER TO WATCH by, Vogue Italia and WWD. 
The TiA CiBANi KiDS collection was first launched in 2015, when a longtime friend of Tia asked her to create a new children’s collection using fabric from her namesake women’s line. For the purpose Tia delved into the colorful, artistic and tactile; choosing bright neon dots, colorful couture and crisp fabrics that have become the mainstays of each collection since.
Catering to girls and boys, ages 0-14, the collections speak to the joy of childhood with designs that are playful and fun.
Inspired by the lush and the exotic, Tia Cibani draws inspiration from the landscapes and colorful cultures of the Brazilian people for her kid’s SS2018 collection.
A festive Samba and serene beauty referencing the Bahia culture clash to find harmony.
1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children? 
We recently took a family vacation to Rome with my 5 years old and my 1 year and half old. I knew that finding restaurants with high chairs or boosters would not be so easy so I looked online for a travel booster. I was delighted to find the cutest little booster that doubles as a storage bin. It is quite genius! We carried it everywhere, it was handy as high seat for my son but also really great for storing all of his cutlery, plates and table toys. 
The Benbat baby travel booster has changed my travel life with toddler! 

2. Is there one children’s shop which has put a magic spell on you?
My favorite children’s shop in NYC is Yoya in the West Village. The owner/buyer of this magical little shop manages to curate the loveliest finds that appeal to kids and parents alike. 

3. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night? 
My school uniform.

4. You are based in New York. What’s the best place for kids there?
My favorite place to take my little ones is the Children’s Museum of the Arts in the West Village. They have everything from a clay bar to a textile weaving section. 

5. Your favorite children’s book?
Goodnight Moon, I never tire reading it to my children! 

6. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?
The Museum of Natural History.

7. Which hotel and restaurant do you recommend for friends visiting New York with kids?
The Highline Hotel is super cozy for family. It has a courtyard where kids can play and be safe from traffic.
Favorite restaurant near by the Highline Hotel is O’mai, Vietnamese fair…delicious! 

8. The best place you had recently been with kids?
My family spent the entire summer in Brittany. In a little enclave called Morgat (Finistere) it is magical! My kids loved the sailing, beach and charm of the seaside activities/fun. 

9. The craziest thing you ever did to stop bored kids from whining?
Luckily, my kids are not terrible whiners. So far…the worst that has happened was that we got abolished from one of our favorite restaurants due to my toddler son’s “misbehaving”. 

10. The ONE family ritual you cherish most?
Bedtime stories. We all crowd on the small sofa in my children’s room and read. It is the most precious time I have had in all my life!

11. Share with us your favorite Instagram accounts. 
@andnorth,a great guide to charming restaurants, boutique hotels and shopping in the Hudson Valley.
@aguynamedpatrick, a dear friend and impressive entrepreneur with the best eye for great lifestyle photos, I love his daily cortado pics.
@apshoplakeside, I love the look of this store. I have never been but with every post, I feel I could hop on a plane to Michigan just so that I can see in person the beautiful bohemian vibes that are so dreamy in their posts

12. Please complete this sentence: Children should be raised with…
total and utter love! 

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POSTED BY enrico
November 15, 2017