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Renata Bueno Gelfi’s Favs

NAME: Renata Bueno Gelfi
BORN IN: Sao Paulo/ Brasil
LIVING IN: Chicago / USA
YOU ARE WORKING AS: Photographer and Stylist
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 1 or 2 SENTENCES: a passionate mother, that has love for details, documenting life in a unique way, by transforming simple moments into extraordinary memories.

Renata Bueno Gelfi is a photographer and stylist, born in Sao Paulo, sharing everyday family life by posting her amazing images on Instagram… she is an inspiring nomad, grew up in Italy… her passion for photography started when she went to Boston at the age of 21… for studies she moved back to Brazil – graduating from the top Fashion Design University, FASM, with a major in fashion photography. While in Brazil, Renata produced lots of editorials for Magazines. 23 years old, she got married and moved to Spain where she worked again for the fashion industry. A couple of years later the couple moved to London… Renata studied interior design. Next station: Miami, where she had her three children, created and managed her own Event Planning business… now she and her husband and their three lovely girls made her last move to Chicago… “We live in this magical town called Winnetka, 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. It’s so beautiful and so peaceful. It’s such a dreamy life. It’s how things should be everywhere. Here I see beauty in the little moments.” Her work truly reflects her love for details, her international experience, her fashion and interior design background. Currently when Renata is not with her daughters, she dedicates most of her time to her passion: freelance photography.

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
I love everything that is handmade, vintage or wooden toys… those are the things that always fascinated me.

2. Is there one children’s shop which has put a magic spell on you?
I can’t really say that there is only one shop that put a magic spell on me… but I can say that there is a place that did it: Spain. I am glad it’s not around the corner, since after my last trip to Madrid I came back home broken. I love Spanish style and I think they make the cutest childrenswear. 
3. Which children’s brand you just love?
Jacadi, Bonpoint, Gocco, Cath Kidston, Zara Kids, Nicoli, Velveteen, Hanna Andersson, Rachel Riley, Tocoto Vintage, Mini Boden, Printebebe, Misha & Puff (I’m obsessed with their popcorn sweaters!), Yellow Pelota and I love shopping on Etsy too!
4. Children shoes… In which brand one can conquer the world?
5. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night?
I used to fall asleep wearing my mother high heels, after playing with them the whole afternoon. Actually I think I wore them so much that I only have flat shoes nowadays.
6. Your favourite children’s book?
I love The Brown Bear book because after a while kids know its story by heart, and it’s so adorable to watch them “reading” it over and over. 
The other day I read an hilarious story about the big bad wolf with my 7 year old Carolina… It was so fun! This book is called The True Story of The Three Little Pigs, which I totally recommend. 
The Little Prince is one of my favorites stories… A classic that still fascinates me. It’s a book you should read every stage of your life. 
7. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?
Every time we go to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago the time flies. The kids love to explore every section of it. It’s so big that you can’t see everything going only once. 
8. Which is your favorite restaurant?
It’s always a challenge eating out with the kids…even though we do it a lot. I crave for Italian, French and Japanese food. But the French is not their favorite… Carolina, my oldest, love Japanese and the other two prefer Italian. Some of our favorite restaurants in Chicago are Eataly, Butcher & The Burger, Summer House
9. What was the most touching experience you had with children?
The day they were born my brain couldn’t understand how was that possible. How did I have that perfect human being inside my womb? I still don’t get it and if I think twice about that day I might cry. They are a true miracle!
10. The best place you had recently been with kids?
This summer we did a road trip around Lake Michigan. Every stop had its particular beauty, but Sleeping Bear Dunes was an amazing surprise. Once you are on the top of the Dune you have such a stunning view. Another highlight was Mackinac Island.  This is a magical place that feels like you go back in time. Cars are not allowed in the Island, people only ride bikes and horses. The kids had a blast! 
11. The ONE family ritual you cherish most?
Sunday morning snuggles and breakfast.
12. Share with us 5 Instagram accounts you like:
sannehop, tessahop, anna.cor, littlekinjournal, bykiddycut
13. Kids are amazing, because they make me… 
… smile and give another range of importance to my life. To be a parent is for sure the best thing that ever happened to me.
November 5, 2016