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Mariangela Monti

NAME: Mariangela Monti
BORN IN: Termoli (Italy)
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 1 or 2 SENTENCES: a curious person; an optimistic soul: I always see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Living in Milan… together with her husband and two children, Olivia (5) and Antonio (4)… Mariangela is a real country bumpkin as she was born and raised in a little sleepy town in Molise, an area almost nobody knows… it’s in the South of Italy between the Apennine ridge and the Adriatic Sea…
She came to Milan for studies and fell completely in love with the city. Milan has always been extremely warm and welcoming – she owes this place a lot: it gave her best friends, the man of her life (who is from Naples by the way!) and the job of her dreams.
Mariangela worked in fashion for over 15 years… as PR manager for big luxury brands like Calvin Klein and Dsquared2. When her son turned 1 she decided to slow down a little bit… feeling the need to have a bit more flexibility in her job, in order to dedicate more time to family and kids… “I wanted to be there when little emergencies came along… So I became a freelance consultant and this fits with my life as a mum much much better! My biggest joy is not going to Hong Hong for an event anymore but taking my kids to school by bike, play with them in the the afternoon, do simple things which I just had not the time to do when I was working full time…
She used to live that exciting city to the fullest… when she was single and even now with her family: there are plenty things to do… art workshops… Sunday brunches with friends… loads of cultural activities.
She loves to travel and tries to do this as much as she can… right now less adventurous and more adapted to be explored with little kids… Copenhagen, Bruges, Provence, Amsterdam, Alsace.
When the kids will be a bit older… our plan is to travel together to Laos, where my husband asked me to marry him (after just 5 months we had been together)… an amazing place where our wonderful adventure started.
She gathers memories and photos of their journeys in the blog… which was born at the same time when Mariangela gave birth to Antonio… “it was meant to be a journal… my thoughts and my new life with children… all in a fun and light way… slowly it grew into a collection of advice… charming places we’ve been in Italy and abroad… interesting things I did in town with (but also without) kids… million different things and thoughts…”

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
A cardboard kaleidoscope; they couldn’t stop looking through it…

2. Is there one children’s shop which has put a magic spell on you?
Unduetrestella Baby, in Milan: the owner has a magic touch in selecting the cutest and most unexpected objects for children, all with a vintage flair.

3. Do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night when you were a child?
A night gown I’ve been wearing for many years, it kept me so warm I would wear it day and night. 

4. Your favourite children’s book?
The bad-tempered ladybug.

5. You are based in Milan… what’s the best place for kids there?
MUBA – Museum for Children is definitely one of the best places to bring children to for art workshops, Sunday brunches and creative activities. It is a very interactive museum where children feel involved and are not only spectators.

6. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?
Fondazione Prada: the exhibitions are often very surreal and scenographic, so for children is like entering Wonderland. Every week-end the Accademia dei bambini, a space dedicated to children inside Fondazione, organizes many interesting workshops for kids of all ages.

7. Which hotel and restaurant do you recommend for friends visiting Milan with kids?
Four Seasons Hotel is definitely a good choice: plenty of attentions to children, a nice garden and a lovely Sunday brunch with a nanny entertaining children in a dedicated room full fo toys, while the parents can enjoy their food.
A restaurant I recommend is Erba Brusca, where they serve excellent food made with fresh products coming from their own garden, located in the backyard of the restaurant.

8. The best place you had been recently with your kids?
A charming place we’ve been to is Chateau Les Carrasses in Languedoc: modernly furnished apartments inside an old castle in the middle of the vineyards, with many facilities for families, like kids club, bikes to ride around for free and amazing swimming pool. Beautiful and a little bit off the beaten tracks. 

9. Share with us your favorite website and 3 Instagram accounts.
The website is; as for the Instagram accounts: Beth Kirbytravels milkCécilie Moline.

10. Please complete this sentence: one should teach children to…
… believe in themselves and their capabilities.

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POSTED BY enrico
April 24, 2017