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Felix Stein

NAME: Felix Stein
BORN IN: Hanover, Germany
LIVING IN: Berlin, Germany
YOU ARE WORKING AS: Blogger, Model & Photographer
PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A 1 or 2 SENTENCESI never stops seeking new challenges and hobbies.

Wherever you are, a visit to Felix Stein’s website, Saint Filli, will immediately make you feel like you are on the road with him. The Berlin-based influencer, model and photographer’s journal is brimming with fashion—especially sneakers and streetwear— music, photography, travels, and tattoos that inform his unique vision of life today.
Despite his roots in Hanover and Hamburg, Stein’s move to Cologne in 2010 transformed him into a real “Kölsche Jung” (slang for boy from Cologne). Stein describes his internship at kid’s wear Magazine as “my first step into the fashion scene.
After three years as marketing manager for a leading streetwear retailer, he worked 6 months for an influencer agency where he gained expertise in new media and influencer marketing. But his most prized role to date is uncle:“My relationship with my 10 year old niece, Emily,is very deep because she’s more like my little sister and I’ve been by her side since day one.

1. Which is the most fascinating even simple item you ever bought for children?
A German book called Ein Hund namens Money (A Dog called Money). It’s a book for kids to learn difficult things about money in an easy way. It was a gift for my niece.

2. As a child… do you remember one special item you had been wearing almost day and night? 
To be honest I can’t remember anything special but my mom told me that I loved Oilily.

3. For someone having no children it is sometimes hard to pick the right gift for a kid. What does always work?
guess it’s quite simple. You can check what kids like the most. Most of the time it’s toys, but I think there’s always that one guy in a family who’s obsessed by something different – and in our family I’m the resident sneaker head.

4. Which museum even kids would spend hours in?

Maybe something about dinosaurs? I guess this works every time, for example the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.

5. Which is your favourite restaurant?

Hard question, because you can have lots of different things in Berlin and it’s really good. I prefer Thai food, my favoutite is Lon Men’s Noodle House.

6. Can you think of one dish you really loved as a kid? Was there something you really hated?
It’s strange to say, but my favorite dish was the so-called Wedding Soup, a typical German consommé of made broth, meatballs, egg custard, and noodles. And I definitely know that I hated (and still hate) rice pudding.

7. What kind of special trick your mum used to make you eat vegetables or other healthy things?
You should ask this my mum haha…
(And we did: she told Felix used to take the bottle even when he was able to eat with a spoon, so she started to put vegetables in the bottle at night).
One day things changed and I loved vegetables. I think that happens often.

8. If you would win a trip… and the only thing you have to do is taking a child with you… where would you go?
I would say Disneyland because this would be fun, but to be honest I’d choose a trip to Thailand or something like that. My niece could learn something about nature and I would teach her things like snorkeling. At the same time she would learn something about our unbalanced world and that she should appreciate how privileged we are.

9. What was the most touching experience you had with children?
Maybe my niece’s birth.

10. You have the task to entertain your best friends kids for one entire day. How do you survive?
That’s easy. I did this a couple times. I always make fun with kids because there’s nothing better than a happy child.

11. Share with us your favorite Instagram profiles. 
upscalehype for style and michaeldapaah for fun… and for kids: scimparello and all the mummy bloggers out there making a good job.

12. Please complete this sentence: kids are amazing because they make me…
… Feel old.

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POSTED BY enrico
February 28, 2018