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January 17-18, 2016
Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam A/W 2016/17

Twice a year the international children’s trade fair Kleine Fabriek comes to Amsterdam. Chosen by committee, a mix of international brands and young designer labels present a high-quality selection for visiting buyers:
Kleine fabriek started in the summer of 2005, as a little sister of Modefabriek, the successful fashion trade show. Kleine Fabriek has since then grown into an international leading event for professionals in the field of children’s fashion, shoes and accessories. Each edition we welcome around 5.000 national and international visitors and showcase almost 400 brands on a space of around 14.000 square meters. Despite its growth, the original objective is as relevant today as when kleine fabriek was first launched: creating an inspiring environment and professional meeting place with a strong focus on innovation and creativity for children’s fashion and hardware. A carefully compiled mix of international brands and young designer labels present a high-quality selection for visiting buyers, with all kinds of brands from mid-priced to high-priced articles. Kleine Fabriek offers a unique combination of fashion and home & gift products.

Kleine Fabriek is organised by Modefabriek BV 

Press Release

kleine fabriek #22 – the happy factor
At kleine fabriek, the Amsterdam international trade show for children’s fashion & lifestyle, it was all about the wow factor.
What do you do to keep it really fun, fresh and happening? Because not only customers want that happy feeling; business isn’t really a success unless it makes us happy as well. It’s infectious! There were examples galore at kleine fabriek and amongst the 260 brands last Sunday and Monday in RAI Amsterdam.
WOW factor Every season, Kleine fabriek enters into creative collaborations to add a sturdy amount of inspiration. This year, fashion designer Antoine Peters, interior stylist and DIY master Kim van Rossenberg and online influencer Janine Breukhoven-Kho with her website the-dad.com got the opportunity to create their own mini-universe.
The-dad.com pointed out the new generation of dads: more receptive to the wow-factor than anyone else, as long as it speaks to their boyhood dreams. Biker jackets, baby tees featuring dad’s old favourite band or the most innovative new design gadgets: junior’s going to be rocking them. Antoine Peters’ smile Successful Dutch designer Antoine Peters is a prime example of how infectious the happy factor can be.
The two-person sweater from his graduate collection immediately went viral. Hundreds of people had their picture taken: two people in one giant sweater – everyone wearing a smile. The smile became his logo; his weapon with which he tackles the fashion industry. In addition to his collections with cheerful and critical titles like ‘Fat people are harder to kidnap’, he also makes unwieldy museum installations and expresses his creativity in countless co-ops: with Eastpak, with Dutch sock brand Effio (Peters himself always wears two different socks), with Gsus, United Nude and recently with Kidscase. To present the latter collaboration, Peters gave an inspiring ‘Talk’ at kleine fabriek. Everybody’s happy Kidscase is also very happy with the collaboration – initiated by Antoine himself when his son Alf was born last year. “ “After 16 years of Kidscase, Antoine’s positive energy and cheerful designs are a fresh impulse that makes us very happy as well,” Merel Verbrugge says.
Furthermore, Kidscase has an extensive new home collection – a new collaboration with Door Fransen, originally a fabric designer and former owner of the Amsterdam concept store Keet in Huis. After 15 years of Keet, Fransen felt like doing something completely different. Everybody’s happy! Keep on surprising Wandering around at kleine fabriek will make you wonder whether kids’ fashion was always this cool and fashionable. And there’s an explanation for that, as Annika Jansen of online shop Orange Mayonnaise knows. “Partly because of the Internet, we see so many great things that everybody always knows exactly what’s for sale. All brands have to keep up; everybody has to go all out.” Annika ‘does’ kleine fabriek based purely on feeling: “I only go into a stand if I get that wow feeling,” the successful entrepreneur says, a designer herself as it happens, and not a woman of numbers alone. “I am very happy that brands are doing more and more fun collabs or special collections; it is absolutely essential to keep on surprising your customers.
The same goes for my online shop!” New thinking At the front were Carl-Axel Wahlström and Sven Wallén of the debuting Swedish kids label Maison Chaos. The men were quite stressed, even with all their experience at top labels like & Other Stories (H&M) and Acne. The brand’s current superhero look is based on the new American ‘athleisure’ trend: skinny legs & big tops, in modern materials with a high-fashion effect. Luckily, the fashion adventure at kleine fabriek turned out ‘more than happy’ with A-list contacts, literally from here to the Far East.


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