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Looking Back

Looking back on 30 years of CoccoleBimbi. To celebrate the anniversary a new campaign has been shot with 30 iconic pieces from the 1989 to 2019, including Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Burberry, Dior, Simonetta… 

Photography: Simone Casconi
Styling: Camilla Rizzolo
Production: The Complainers 

Picture 1
shirt Fiocco (1994), denim Roberto Cavalli “Angels” (2003)

Picture 2
windbreaker Armani (1995)

Picture 3
kilt Burberry (1996)

Picture 4
dress I Bimbi di Gianlu (1995)

Picture 5
jacket Giesswein (1998)

Picture 6
pants Gianfranco Ferrè (2002)

Picture 7
baby set La Bottega del Pizzo (1993)

Picture 8
jacket Deanna (1999)

Picture 9
skirt Roberto Cavalli “Angels” (2001), scarf Simonetta (2001)

Picture 10
shirt Roberto Cavalli (1999)

Picture 11
vest David J (1993)

Picture 12
T-shirt Les Copains (1992), gilet Lanù (1990), skirt Loredana (1989)

Picture 13
denim I Pinco Pallino (2000)

Picture 14
vest Armata di Mare (1995)

Picture 15
jacket Dior (2000), shirt Brooksfield (1993)

Picture 16
baby set Bebess (1997)

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