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Molo’s journey across seasons, time and moods

Molo’s design always feeds a child’s imagination with strong colours, fun prints, exciting shapes and bold, quirky combinations.
Molo is completely crazy about prints… we love their raw Scandinavian, urban funky style with a humorous twist, but always high quality and super functional…
Hey girls… this season time is turned back to the late summer early in the morning with the light kissing you gently on your cheeks… and the sky playing with its palette of pastel colours.
A universe of no rules and no right or wrong…
Embroidery, patches, stitches, dots, pompoms, glitter! You name it. In other words: surrender yourself to a universe of being forever girly… you also can catch that autumn feel in the afternoon wrapping yourself up in tiny flowers, bold stripes and cuddly sweaters… and then… winter-feel… looking up at the deep black sky with all of its sparkly stars, making you enter your own little world of dreams and visions imaging yourself shoegazing your way through the long wintery months with a rock guitar in your hand…
Boys should prepare for a  journey across borders, imagination and optical illusion… 
Ahead of you is an imaginative road trip… Texas, California, New York, Chicago. Feel the city life… from USA to Japan… Head against the old strict part of Japan and let it mesmerize you into its fairytale of a fantasy world or take a turn right into the futuristic part of Tokyo gazing on all its tech and future features… and and and… there is this universe of optical illusion… juhuuuu… get ready, finding your inner rock dude…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY enrico
September 27, 2017