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Maëlie: Daisies, Vitamins, Paris, Happiness and a Rainbow

What a wonderfully fresh eclectic collection!
With an athletic mood, with colours like fresh fruit that bursts with vitamins…  orange, fluorescent green and fuchsia…. it’s a range of gym inspired clothing, ideal to be impeccable in free time, thanks to the super-glam character!
Daisy Days… chiffon, tulle or printed fringes ruffles are the ingredients. The materials used range from the classic cotton, the shantung, the iridescent fabric, the sweatshirts frost… printed with a riot of flowers, stars and stripes with optical butterflies, candy and romantic bouquet in baby range.
Spring Stars: for babies tones are those of pure white, by precious details and refined cuts.
Paris je t’aim  is inspired by the most romantic city in the world… the taste is vaguely “sailor”… on an infinite variety of patterns… the tones are inspired by those of the French flag and graphics accentuate the preciousness of every single garment with stars, glitter and tromp l’oeil effects…
Miss Rainbow is all about exploding colours, happiness and joy… yellow and strawberry emerge among all… in short: a true style summer power! 

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY enrico
May 18, 2017