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How to Make a Garden 
by Bobo Choses

For SS19 Bobo Choses invite you to make a garden! Designer and founder Adriana Esperalba discovered that the brother of their online store sales manager was a beekeeper.
Which got the designer thinking “what would we do if bees were to disappear?”
These little pollinators aid the process in providing the food we all eat. So to keep the bees buzzing Bobo Choses would like you to plant a garden.

This large collection comprises of over 300 references from baby, kid, and accessories to home and women’s collection products. With their signature loose shapes and colouring, fruit and veg prints 75% of the collection is made using organic cotton. The company stays true to its ethos with the majority of the collections produced locally. Make sure to look out for the super cute apple-patterned clogs.

Let’s make the bees happy!

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
May 9, 2019