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Brand Profile

yporqué was set up in Barcelona in 2007. The name refers to the question children ask endlessly as they are growing up (¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? In English Why? Why? Why?) and the idea of the company came from three women with different educational backgrounds (design, advertising and psychology), combining their knowledge to create a children’s clothes brand that, beyond fashion, maintains a very clear concept: a design that focuses on the very people destined to wear the clothes, or in other words, designed
for children. Without any doubt, the yporqué stars are the stimulating tees with textures, games, uorescent images… But, specially, the TEES WITH A SOUND that represents the same thing as the stamping. This concept is unique and exclusive of the brand, and has been registered in 2007. Ready-to-play clothes are also yporqué best sellers: creative hoodies with a mask added on to the hood ready to be a superhero or a wild animal, sweatshirts that just make sense when kids are wearing them or pajamas with a hero cape… these are just a few examples of how yporqué designers manage to surprise us each season. Comfort comes first! Children don’t just pick yporqué for the brand’s implicit “sense of humor”. They choose it because they feel more comfortable in yporqué clothes: more like children! A skirt sewed to leggings perfect for all kind of girl’s stunts or simply reworking classic stretch jeans in a plush, elastic fabric, better adapted for how children move around… are clear translations of the yporqué comfort concept. 


brand contact
Eli Herrera

press contact
Beth Gilberga
T + 34 670 258 825

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