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Misha & Puff
AW 2020/21
Collection Statement

Pattern mixing and the changing of scale in a myriad of jewel tones and brights, we create the perfect ensemble for your little one that we hope you love & wear over and over again.

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Misha & Puff
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Brand Profile

Misha & Puff was founded in 2011 by Anna Wallack, drawing on over ten years’ experience as a stylist, as well as personal understanding of what works well for little ones, we have created a line that is special yet unfussy, a way to share our love of the thoughtfully designed and handcrafted.

We believe in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever. Every day we create the world we want our children to live in. Everything counts. This is one way we contribute to that world. good for everyone, they are truly good for no one.

Many of our pieces are handmade using time-honored processes and the expertise of artisans in Peru. We pay a living wage and are committed and invested long term to the communities we work in. We use low-impact dyes, organic fabrics, and strive for no waste. We are always innovating and finding better ways to do what we do, and never at the cost of workers or the environment. We believe in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever.


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Misha & Puff
44 White Place
Brookline, MA 02245

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